About Me

Hi, my name is Gabriela and and I have a strong passion for cooking._MG_8224

I enjoy spending my time in the kitchen, which has become my the most favorite place of our lovely house. The place, where I can make the perfect, fresh meal anytime of the day, to serve to my family.

Over the years I have discovered the secrets of cooking the different international cuisine recipes. I love to explore the new ones all the time.

I created this page to share with you the recipes, which I found the most favorite and appreciated by my family members. I would like to share my recipes with you to bring you the inspiration on how you can easily prepare a great tasting dinner combining just a two or three basic fresh ingredients, without spending a long hours in the kitchen. :)

Now a little about how my cooking  journey has began…


It all started at my grandmothers’s place, where I was spending the most of my summer holidays usually. She was a great cook, preparing the fresh, traditional meals every day from the early morning. I will never forget the beautiful smell of her homemade vegetable soup, made from the vegetables grown at her backyard garden. And I was always around to give her a hand with preparing a lunch or dinner, checking out the bubbling content of the casseroles, absorbing the different smells mixing up in the kitchen and learning the new cooking techniques.

Today, I am a very thankful to my grandmother for teaching me the basics of cooking. Even if the dishes I cook for dinners at these days are quite different from what she  used to cook. Over the time I have learned to focus on preparing dinners which are quick and easy to make, yet very healthy and rich in nutrients. My key to creating a good quality dinner is using always a fresh ingredients!

I like to cook  chicken or  fish  in various ways, because those are low in fat but high in proteins and other important nutrients. I prefer using the fresh boneless chicken breasts or the whole fresh chicken, the fresh white fish or salmon combining with the vegetables which results in making the healthy, great smelling and colourful dinner, everybody enjoys. I also enjoy preparing the different fresh pasta sauces, either with meat or vegetarian.

Happy to share all of your favorite recipes with you also. :) Many thanks for stopping by and if you ever need my help regarding your cooking, please leave me a comment below. I’d be more than happy to give you a hand by sharing my own experience.  Enjoy your cooking!

All the best