How to Make a Chicken Soup – My Grandmother’s Recipe


I guess a chicken soup is one of the most common soups, everybody likes. There are many recipes how to make a chicken soup available definitely. In my favorite chicken soup recipe, I combine fresh whole chicken with quite a lot of vegetables, which make my chicken soup full of great flavors.

The preparation is very simple a doesn’t take much of your time. The soup cooking time takes longer, about two hours. Cooking the chicken slowly, long enough, with fresh vegetables added is a guarantee of the great tasting soup in the result.

You can cook the whole chicken in the soup or you can separate the chicken breasts before cooking and use them for frying or making a juicy chicken steaks later.

There are many serving options of the chicken soup. Some people prefer to have the chicken soup thick, served with chicken cut into small pieces, vegetables and noodles. Chicken soup served this way can substitute your main dinner dish. But it can be served as a first course also, without meat, with carrots sliced into a little circles and noodles if you like.

I always strain the soup through the sieve to have it clear. I cut chicken and carrots and serve them in a separate bowls, so everybody can enjoy the chicken soup in the way the most preffered.

Usually, there are the egg noodles added to  the chicken soup. I cook either a noodles or I make a special soup dumplings to serve my chicken soup with.

While the soup is simmering slowly, you can make these soup dumplings simply:

  • In the bowl combine 30g softened, unsalted butter, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk.
  • Whisk until all the ingredients combine together well.
  • Add about 7-8 tbsp coarse flour/semolina type/ and combine until nice soft dough forms.
  • In the large pot heat a water until it starts to boil.
  • Lower the heat to medium.
  • Make a little dumplings, separating a small amounts of the dough with a teaspoon and adding them to the boiling water one by one.
  • Cook 10 minutes.
  • Drain the dumplings through the colander and remove them into the serving bowl.
  • Arrange a couple of dumplings in the soup bowl and pour a hot chicken soup over.

Serve your chicken soup hot with a little pieces of chicken, carrots and dumplings or noodles.

I hope you’ll enjoy cooking your chicken soup. Looking forward to receiving your commenst below. :)


How to Make a Chicken Soup -
Print Recipe
6-8 portions
6-8 portions
How to Make a Chicken Soup -
Print Recipe
6-8 portions
6-8 portions
  1. Prepare all the ingredients.
  2. Put the chicken on the cutting board and separate the breasts if not using.
  3. Put the chicken in the large casserole and add enough water to cover the whole chicken.
  4. Add salt and black peppercorns.
  5. Cover and heat over the high heat.
  6. When water starts to boil, lower the heat and let the chicken simmer slowly for 1/2 hour.
  7. With a small sieve remove the proteins formed on the top to keep the soup clear.
  8. In the meantime peel and prepare the vegetables.
  9. Add vegetables and bunch of fresh parsley to the soup, cover and let it simmer for 1 and 1/2 hour.
  10. Check for seasoning.
  11. Remove from the heat.
  12. Remove the chicken and vegetables from the casserole and strain the soup through a sieve.
  13. Separate and cut the meat from legs and breasts. Arrange in the bowl.
  14. Cut carrots into small circles and arrange in the bowl.
  15. Arrange carrot, chicken and dumplings in the serving soup bowls and pour the hot chicken soup over.
  16. Serve immediately and enjoy your delicious chicken soup.
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